Workshop on Nash Blow-up and Semple Tower

Date(s) : 05/02/2018 - 09/02/2018
0 h 00 min


The goal of the Workshop is to bring together mathematicians from Complex Geometry and from Singularities working with different declinations of Nash Blow-Ups and the Semple Tower. They shall exchange their viewpoint and explain in an introductory way how to use these objects in their respective fields. Our aim is to encourage interactions.
We plan to make two meetings in 2018. This first meeting in Marseille and a second meeting in June or later, in Leuven.
We plan to invite three specialists for each meeting. Regarding our goals, we stress the importance of making accessible talks. They will give three lectures of 50 minutes. The first two shall be introductive, and the last one could be a panorama of possible applications without too complicated proofs. Besides, there will be around 10 talks by participants on some preparatory material, or some practical applications/exercise sessions around the concepts that have been introduced.

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